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Financial Advisor in Palm Beach Gardens

Financial Advisor in Palm Beach Gardens

Offering client focused, multi-layered financial services.

Private Wealth Group is a client focused, multi-layered financial services organization providing comprehensive wealth management solutions tailored to the needs of individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations looking to grow with the changing world. We specialize in financial advisory services, life and health insurance, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and other key consulting solutions.

The Private Wealth Group Story

Private Wealth Group was founded in 2016 by Daniel Gikher, a financial advisor with more than two decades of experience in various sectors of wealth management. Gikher began his career on Wall Street as a trader, and then a high net worth Financial Advisor before embarking on his mission as an independent advisor, a move motivated by the desire to provide a broad range of advisory services to clients under one roof, encompassing the entirety of their financial services needs.

Gikher is joined by professionals in the retirement and estate planning, life insurance, accounting, and financial advisory industries to provide a holistic approach to wealth management. This macro-focused, multi-family style of advising provides an investment experience to clients looking to tend to each of their wealth management needs while working with professionals who understand and appreciate the larger picture of their assets, risk tolerance, and goals.

Why Choose Private Wealth Group?

Offering client focused, multi-layered financial services in the Palm Beach Gardens Community.

Work With Palm Beach Gardens Advisors Who Know You

Choose wealth management firm that takes the time to understand its clients’ unique financial situations, needs, and long-term goals.

Communicate Anytime

Communicate with your advisors at any time. We’re here to fulfill your wealth management needs and are always reachable by phone, email, webinars, and in-person, at your convenience. We are committed to client service at all times.

Consolidated Investment Experiences

Gone are the days where you need different professionals for each facet of your financial life. Now, get all of your wealth management services from uniquely qualified individuals within the same company.

Valued Professionals

Entrust your financial needs with highly trained professionals. Our advisors and consultants have extensive experience within their fields and a unique understanding of asset management, planning and forecasting, economics, and business consulting that give our clients access to cutting edge advisory services.

Simplified Wealth Management

Simplify your wealth management process. Work with professionals who take the time to explain their advisory strategies with you and demystify the process of investing and managing your wealth.

Roadmap To Success

Develop a roadmap for your individual or business needs. We’re here to help you determine how you’ll get from where you are to where you want to go. Strategizing can be overwhelming but we’ll work through the details to create a growth plan that works for your specific needs and goals.

Private Wealth Group

Daniel J. Gikher, CPFA®

President, Wealth Advisor



Kelsi Southworth

Senior Client Associate



Yuriy Pevzner, CFP®




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